Object class: SAFE

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-[] requires no active supervision from the Foundation, only periodic inspection and minor alterations to its structure. Every 6 months, a Foundation technician and bent-reality navigator should be dispatched to the location of SCP-[]. The navigator must try to find every possible exit sign, covering at least 10,000 steps in the process. The directional validity of each exit sign must be ascertained, and their emergency batteries must be replaced.

During the process, the mapping database of room-to-room reachability must be validated and kept up to date, as well as the distance and time that was required to reach the specific room from the ingress point the team entered the building from.

The best possible floor plan must be synthesized from the aggregate data gathered at the end of the inspection process, and the room designations on each floor plan board must be updated to reflect our most accurate understanding of its inner structure. This phase of the inspection process is recommended to be carried out covertly, as approval to change the room designations, or to alter markings in any way, is still pending, due to strained relations with the facility’s operators.

The smooth operation of SCP-[] is to be maintained, as the facility fulfills vital societal and economic roles, and the effects of prolonged exposure were found to be within acceptable hazard levels. Persons affected adversely by prolonged exposure to SCP-[] are to be administered consolation, friendly banter, and jokes about the technical abilities of its architects.


SCP-[] is a 7-story building, the ground floor of which covers 11,820 m2, with subsequent above-ground floors covering roughly 6,535 m2 each, and 3,710 m2 of traversible roof area. The building has 5 known ground-level ingress points, and 6 known roof access points. No known accurate floor plan exists, but investigations revealed that the building contains [REDACTED] below-ground levels, the lowest few being either completely or partially flooded.

The different floors of SCP-[] are designated with the floor numbers as postfix, with the prefix ‘B’ added to indicate a basement level. For example, a person entering SCP through any of the main entrances and passing out of sight of the doors will find themselves translocated to SCP-[]-0.

SCP-[] was identified as possibly anomalous after a team of Foundation researchers mistakenly entered it while trying to attend a local conference. The exact building is not always correctly designated in events organized inside the complex (ambiguous between the northern and southern building), so the team of researchers were trying to find a room that did not exist, as the conference was hosted at the southern building. This type of mistake apparently stems from the fact that the room designations follow a similar pattern in both buildings, leading to unnecessarily prolonged confusion.

The researchers entered the building, determined to find the room 6.104, where the conference was to be hosted 5 minutes after their arrival. Failing to locate the room for 10 minutes after entering SCP-[]-6, they attempted to split up, and to regroup later at the position of the person who would find it first. They proceeded to search the halls for the next 15 minutes, after which an assistant researcher managed to locate it, only to find it empty. After another 15 minutes of navigating the halls together, they managed to find their way out of the building, and into the southern one, where the conference was well underway.

Each researcher confessed to being suspicious of possible anomalous properties (spatial, cognitive or otherwise) manifesting in or around the building. Therefore, a task force consisting of plainclothes Foundation investigators was dispatched, shortly after their return.

The task force has reported finding multiple sites inside the building that were only tangentially related to its purpose as a university building.

These include:

  • a spherical ceiling with unfortunate acoustics on SCP-[]-0,
  • a supercomputer on SCP-[]-1B,
  • a museum exhibiting various mathematical objects on SCP-[]-1,
  • a pendulum hanging from SCP-[]-1, reaching down to SCP-[]-1B,
  • a windowless recreational area with colorful seats on SCP-[]-1B,
  • a powerful telescope on SCP-[]-8, with no known path leading to it.

While the task force found no explicit traces of anomalous properties, they have confirmed previous reports of feeling confused and lost while trying to navigate SCP-[]’s halls and passages.